2010 Projects

Africa & Middle East

Congo Frontline Missions - $20,000
Congo Frontline Missions is a pioneering ministry in unreached areas of the war-torn Democratic Republic of Congo. Project funds will be used to resurrect the literature evangelism ministry in that area by translating Adventist books into the Lingala language and creating literature evangelism jobs for local workers. An additional project goal is to enhance fundamental understanding of Adventist doctrines among local church members.
Visit the Congo Frontline Missions website.

Eden Valley Foster Care Mission - $10,000
Eden Valley operates an orphan support ministry in the Makete District of Tanzania, Aftrica. It provides food, clothing, vocational classses and Bible training to 800 children and youth who have been orphaned due to AIDS. The orphans live with family members in eight local villages. Project funds will help construct staff homes, dormitories and a garage on the new school campus.
Visit the Eden Valley Foster Care Mission website.

Family Development International (Kibidula Farm) - $16,000
Family Development International is the NGO arm of Kibidula Farm Institute in Tanzania, Africa. It was established in 1992 as an outgrowth of Riverside Farm Institute in Zambia. FDI operates Kibidula Training Center, a school for lay workers and pastors. It supports 35 lay missionaries in mostly unentered areas, and also operates a medical and dental clinic and an agricultural training program. FDI cooperates with the Tanzanian Union in outreach book distribution efforts and in constructing One-Day Churches. Project funds will be used to purchase a 4-ton truck for the One-Day Church construction program.
Visit the Kibidula Farm website.

Kilubi Development Corporation - $5,000
Kilubi Development Corporation is an all-volunteer ministry that focuses on pure water needs and tree planting in sub-Saharan Africa. Trees are beneficial for food, fuel, beauty, shade, water conservation, construction materials and paper. Local people can plant trees to enhance their quality of life. KDC combines these activities with ShareHim evangelistic efforts. Project funds will support water improvement and tree planting at the Kajiado Adventist Rehabilitation and Education Center in Kenya.

Riverside Farm Institute - $20,000
RFI operates an evangelism and medical missionary training center in Zambia, Africa. It partners with the One-Day Church Project, Inc. to erect buildings in Zambia and the surrounding regions. RFI operates an extensive farm to help support its ministry efforts. it also provides training programs in agriculture, sewing and pastoral ministry. RFI operates a lifestyle center, bush clinics and extensive health and evangelism outreach programs. It employs 62 lay Bible workers working in all provinces of Zambia, except the capital city of Lusaka. Project funds wil help provide worker transportation, fertigation equipment for the farm, and construction for new staff housing.
Visit the Riverside Farm Institute website.

One-Day Lay Training Center - $120,000
In partnership with the One-Day Church Project, Riverside Farm Institute is in the process of establishing an experimental lay training center to equip elders to oversee churches. Training will take place over four months and in six dialects. The campus will be constructed using One-Day Church structure kits. Project funds will be used to construct the new campus.
Visit the Riverside Farm Institute website.

Zimbabwe & Southwestern Unions - $25,000
Zimbabwe has a population of 14 million and an Adventist membership of 620,000, with an estimated 1.5 to 2 million adherents. Zimbabwe's baptismal goal this year is 70,000. An estimated 1 million school-aged children attend the 3,235 Adventist churches and companies in Zimbabwe. Only 267 of those congregations meet in church buildings. Project funds will go toward construction of a school and chapel on a ten-acre site near Victoria Falls, where Zimbabwe borders Zambia, Namibia and Botswana. The project is a cooperative partnership between the Zimbabwe and Southwestern Union Conferences.
Visit the Southwestern Union Conference website.


Central & South America

Water For Life International - $10,000
Water For Life International is the new ministry name for the longstanding humanitarian and evangelistic efforts of two ASI business members, Gary and Lynn Bartholomew, in the country of Guatemala. Their efforts to spread the gospel and provide clean drinking water in disadvantaged areas have been widely publicized in the United States. In response, professional well drillers and equipment companies have volunteered services and donated materials and equipment to the ministry. Project funds will help cover the cost of shipping containers of fuel, tools and other materials to Guatemala.
Visit the Water For Life International website.


Europe & Asia

Adventist Southeast Asia Projects - $10,000
ASAP was established in 1995 to support church planting by national missionaries in Southeast Asia where millions don't know Jesus due to poverty and a heavy socialist influence. Project funds will provide church planters with Bibles and other evangelism materials, help with the purchase of a mission boat, and contribute to a tuition fund for needy students.
Visit the Adventist Southeast Asian Projects website.

Gospel Outreach - $10,000
Gospel Outreach is an all-volunteer ministry that funds video evangelism and outreach by national Bible workers to unreached people groups primarily in the 10/40 window. It works in cooperation with Adventist Mission. Project funds will support 20 Bible workers for one year as they seek to reach Tibetan refugees in the area of Assam, India.
Visit the Gospel Outreach website.

Living Springs Overseas Mission (Metro Lifestyle Ministries) - $25,000
Living Springs operates three Bible seminaries and two orphanages in India. The seminaries provide training in evangelism, health and vocational trades. The orphanages care for 200 children who, in addition to academic training, learn a vocational trade and how to be medical missionaries. Project funds will help build a boys' dormitory, dean's apartment and guest rooms.
Visit the Living Springs Overseas Mission website.

Portuguese Association of Preventive Medicine (VitaSalus) - $25,000
PAPM operates a thriving medical clinic in downtown Lisbon that serves as a base of operations for conducting health expos, vegetarian cooking schools, stress seminars and family life programs. Trained workers start similar programs in many other countries around the world. They are in the process of establishing a llifestyle center and medical missionary training program to serve France, Italy, Spain and Portugal. Project funds will help complete the new campus.
Visit the VitaSalus website.

Seminary Schloss Bogenhofen - $10,000
Seminary Schloss Bogenhofen is Austria's Adventist seminary, located within the Euro-Africa Division. In 2007, the seminary began video production of sermons on a broad variety of topics for Voice of Prophecy and the German hope Channel satellite 24/7 program. Project funds will help expand programming to include Sabbath school lessons and Bible study clips on the Internet, and to build a small studio and purchase semi-professional equipment.
Visit the Seminary Schloss Bogenhofen website.

Springs of Life Foundation - $30,000
Springs of Life Foundation was established on the campus of the Adventist seminary in Poland shortly after the fall of communism. Its printing and publishing ministry mass produces and distributes books, magazines and other materials that promote the Adventist message and a healthy lifestyle. Project funds will go toward lowering the cost of book production by allowing increased printing volume overal for books such as Steps to Christ, The Signs of Hope, The Great Controversy and My Bible Friends in the Polish language. Springs of Life recently constructed a large industrial building to house its printing operations, but the heating, ventilation and electrical systems are not completed. The new building, when finished, will allow increased in-house print production, yielding a 35 percent cost savings. The last step to completion is the heating system, which will serve both the new building and the entire campus.
Visit the Springs of Life Foundation website.


North America

Amazing Facts, Inc. - $25,000
Amazing Facts provides evangelism training, materials and media programming, from its headquarters in Rocklin, Calif. Project funds will go toward the production of an evangelistic series, including Bible study outlines and a DVD, especially designed to reach teens. The initial series will be presented as a satellite net program with approximately 2,000 participating sites.
Visit the Amazing Facts website.

 Better Life Broadcasting Network - $20,000
BLTV operates two full-power television stations in Grants Pass, Oregon, and sixteen low-power television stations in rural areas of Oregon and Northern California, with a potential viewing audience of 3 million. Many new church members in those areas have joined as a result of watching BLTV. Better Life is 3ABN’s largest affiliate station in the world. Project funds will help to convert nine of the low-power stations from analog to digital format, allowing additional channels to be multicast, and to purchase equipment for a new broadcast site.
Visit the Better Life Broadcasting Network website.

E. A. Sutherland 
Education Association - $10,000
EASEA provides accreditation services for Adventist, lay-operated, supporting-ministry academies. The organization is licensed by the State of Tennessee as an accrediting organization, with rights to provide teacher certification, staff development and support, and liaison services to self-supporting schools. Project funds will be used to replace a ministry vehicle.
Visit the E.A. Sutherland Education Association website.

Eden Garden Orphanage - $20,000
Since 1998, EGO has provided an orphanage, a medical clinic, infant care, access to clean water, a church, and a school on a four-acre, walled compound on the Caribbean coast of Haiti, approximately 60 miles from Port-au-Prince. Project funds will go toward expanding the orphanage facilities, purchasing a solar energy system, and medical equipment.

Eden Valley Institute - $100,000
EVI operates a lifestyle center, assisted living center, farm, and agricultural school, and medical missionary training school. It has significant involvement with overseas mission projects in Mexico, Africa, the Caribbean and China. Project funds will go to relocate the lifestyle center into an older existing facility formerly used as an assisted living center to better meet the needs of its guests.
Visit the Eden Valley Institute website.

Generation of Youth for Christ - $50,000
Approximately 2,000 young people participate in the GYC convention each year. This year’s convention will be held in Baltimore, Maryland, where attendees will participate in door-to-door public outreach. Project funds will help provide outreach literature, and will also support follow-up Bible work and an evangelistic series in the Baltimore area.
Visit the Generational of Youth for Christ website.

Heritage Academy - $13,000
Heritage Academy is a self-supporting boarding academy and essentially the successor to Little Creek Academy. The existing natural gas wells on the 700-acre property no longer provide usable gas for the campus’s needs, and the cost of propane is prohibitive. Project funds will go to purchase and install a wood boiler to take advantage of the ample supply of wood available in the area.
Visit the Heritage Academy website.

Marenn Parenn Pou Haiti - $5,000
MPPH funds the care of women and children in a small “shanty town” called Petite Place Cazeau, just outside Port-au-Prince. The town lacks running water, health care education and job opportunities. MPPH’s mission is to provide residents with education, health, spiritual, and economic opportunities that lead to self-sufficiency. Project funds will go toward providing education for women and a clean water supply.

Ouachita Hills Academy - $25,000
OHA’s mission is to provide quality secondary education following a plan that balances vocational, academic and spiritual training to develop young leaders to serve the Adventist Church. OHA also operates a college-level program with a combined enrollment of 80 students. Students participate in a work-study program and gain practical skills through community service, local and overseas evangelism and colporteuring. They also work at campus industries that include laser cartridge remanufacturing, agriculture and construction. Project funds will help build staff housing.
Visit the Ouachita Hills Academy website.

Review & Herald Publishing Association—Guide Magazine - $5,000
Present weekly readership of Guide Magazine, published by the Review & Herald Publishing Association, is 25,000 mostly Adventist young people ages 9-15. Project funds will be used to launch Real, a new magazine targeted to reach approximately 100,000 non-Adventist youth in the same age range at a time when the youth are most likely to respond to the gospel.
Visit the Real Magazine website.

Shelter From the Storm - $10,000
SFS operates a residential transition center for people recently released from incarceration. A lawn service and thrift shop staffed by residents and ministry leaders support operational costs and provide job training. SFS provides two months of housing, job location assistance and life skills training, as well as strengthening residents’ relationships with other Christians. Project funds will help purchase equipment needed for expansion of the lawn care business.

Southern Adventist University - $10,000
Southern Adventist University is a co-ed institution that offers a variety of undergraduate and graduate degrees. Graduates serve as missionaries in 35 countries, and SAU recognizes the transforming role it plays in strengthening its students’ faith in Jesus Christ as Creator and Sustainer. Project funds will go to hire two professors with expertise in origins, to develop origins-related displays in the science complex, and to support origins-related scientific research to affirm the Genesis account of creation.
Visit the Southern Adventist University website.

Southern Adventist University Institute of Archaeology - $10,000
SAU’s Institute of Archaeology was founded in 2000 after one of the largest collections of Near Eastern artifacts found its home on campus. SAU is one of only two institutions to offer a bachelor’s degree in Biblical archaeology. Project funds will go to support continued excavation in Khirbet Qeiyafa, Israel, to explore the period of the united monarchies of David and Solomon and the early history of the divided kingdoms of Judah and Israel.
Visit the Institute of Archaeology website.

Weimar Center of Health & Education - $50,000
Weimar offers Bible and Spirit of Prophecy-based instruction for future Bible workers, pastors, teachers and health workers. Weimar has a renewed evangelism focus in cooperation with Amazing Facts, which brings additional students to the Weimar campus. With a four-year anticipated growth from 30 to 150 students, there is an urgent need for expansion. Project funds will go toward the construction of student housing.
Visit the Weimar Center of Health & Education website.

Wildwood Lifestyle Center & Hospital - $30,000
Wildwood, a charter member of ASI, operates a hospital/clinic, health and evangelism training school, lifestyle center, country store, restaurant and bookstore. It also publishes The Journal of Health & Healing. Wildwood has planted and maintained four churches in the Georgia-Cumberland Conference, and continues to train lay leaders from around the world. Project funds will help purchase media equipment and construct a full-time media studio to produce training programs in hydrotherapy, massage, healthful cooking and other health topics.
Visit the Wildwood Lifestyle Center & Hospital website.

Youth for Jesus - $190,000
ASI Youth for Jesus is a month-long youth-led evangelism program held in the city hosting the ASI convention. YFJ provides young people with training from experienced evangelists and Bible workers. The youth go into the community doing door-to-door outreach, Bible studies, preaching the gospel and introducing people to Jesus Christ. Funds will provide ongoing support for YFJ.
Visit the Youth For Jesus website.

Saving Las Vegas - $25,000 
(plus 1/3 overflow)
ASI, It Is Written and the Nevada-Utah Conference of Seventh-day Adventists will work with a number of self-supporting ministries to present the most dynamic and technologically advanced evangelistic series ever done in North America. This series will target not only Las Vegas and the surrounding areas, but will be broadcast throughout North America and around the world. The goal is to reach 1 million people per night through technology and the coordinated efforts of lay workers. The event will use most of the technology tools available today. Project funds will support this large-scale evangelistic effort.



Advent Interfaith Initiative - $12,000
Advent Interfaith Initiative primarily develops methods and materials to reach Muslims in Michigan, which has an extensive Muslim population. Project funds will help train workers, produce materials designed for outreach to Muslims, and provide Adventist theological books and literature to mosques. Outreach materials produced will be used to build bridges between Adventists and Muslims worldwide.

AudioVerse - $10,000
AudioVerse is a volunteer-run organization that provides a website library of Adventist sermons and seminar materials available for download by the public worldwide. AudioVerse recorded and distributed CDs and DVDs for last year's ASI convention programming in Phoenix, and will provide the same services this year. Project funds will go to purchase video and production equipment that allows rapid turnaround for ASI and other programming.
Visit the AudioVerse website.

Light Bearers Ministry - $20,000
LBM mass produces and distributes outreach materials in multiple languages, and has significant preaching, seminar, radio and televison ministries. LBM coordinates efforts with lay-minded church leaders and lay ministries worldwide. Project funds will provide 1 million people in Lusaka, Zambia's capital city, with Discover Bible lessons to be distributed by pastors, lay workers, and Bible workers from Riverside Farm Institute in Kafue, Zambia. These efforts will be followed by Bible studies and a conference-wide reaping event in October 2010.
Visit the Light Bearers Ministry website.

Missionary Assistance Plan (MAP) - $72,000
MAP provides supplemental financial support to lay missionaries giving long-term service in challenging overseas ministries sites. MAP currently supports 17 families and 11 singles serving in 9 countries. The supplemental funds allow the missionaries to purchase necessities such as adequate food and clothing, as well as to take periodic furloughs or to relocate when their service is completed. MAP funds are administered by Outpost Centers International.
Visit the Outpost Centers International website.

The Biblical World - $25,000
The Biblical World developed the television series The Footsteps of Paul, and is currently producing a new evangelistic series, Tracing the Footsteps of Jesus. This programming is popular on 3ABN, Hope Channel and SafeTV. Project funds will go to develop and produce color study guides to accompany the 28 Footsteps of Jesus episodes.
Visit The Biblical World website.

hree Angels Broadcasting Network, Inc. (3ABN) - $100,000
3ABN operates a worldwide radio and television network committed to spreading the Three Angels' Messages in support of the mission of the Adventist Church. 3ABN broadcasts ASI convention programming, as well as programs from many ASI member ministries and supporting ministries. 3ABN's facilities include a worship center used for large gatherings and program filming. Project funds will go toward finishing the control room at the worship center.
Visit the 3ABN website.

New Beginnings DVD Project - $25,000 + 1/3 overflow
ASI's New Beginnings DVD evangelism training programs have had a tremendous impact around the world. ASI distributed approximately 10,000 DVDs the first Sabbath at the recent General Conference Session in Atlanta, with thousands more distributed before the session was over. Project funds will support ongoing distribution of the DVDs, as well as training in multiple languages around the world. This is a joint effort between ASI and the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists.
Visit the New Beginnings DVD page on the ASI website.

One-Day Structure Project - 1/3 Overflow
The One-Day Structure Project is a joint effort between ASI and Maranatha Volunteers Internaional. Thousands of structures have been built—primarily in Africa—but an estimated 10,000 more are needed, with requests coming in from new regions and countries every day. Project funds will support this ongoing church and school construction project.
Visit the One-Day Church website.


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