A free netASI website is available to each organizational 501(c)(3) ASI member in good standing to use for ministry or outreach. netASI is a dynamic online communication platform created by TAGnet, an ASI member and supporting ministry of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. TAGnet has licensed the netASI online communication platform to ASI, empowering ASI members and organizational ministries to create their own websites within a larger network of Adventist sites—with access to shared ministry news and information, inspirational and devotional content, and evangelism resources.
It allows ASI members to create their own lay ministry network or “marketplace.”

Associate ASI members are not eligible for free member websites. Associate membership is for individuals (not ministries) who are not otherwise eligible for other classes of ASI membership, but who share the goals and vision of ASI, and who are serving in a professional, managerial, or executive capacity. Associate members are not legally qualified to accept donations and do not otherwise have the safeguards of corporate structure and built-in organizational commitment to the Seventh-day Adventist Church. If you are an associate member and would like to obtain a free member website, you will first need to establish a 501(c)(3) ministry organization to be eligible.

How do I obtain a free netASI website?

ASI has a designated online server, and offers each ASI 501(c)(3) ministry a free netASI website. If you are a current ASI organizational 501(3)(3) member in good standing, your website request will be approved, and you will be guided through the process of obtaining and setting up your website.

CLICK HERE to request a free netASI website.

Can I customize my netASI website?

Both theme and content may be customized on any netASI website. netASI provides approximately 15 themes that may be used for free. If you already have a theme design or wish to create a unique theme for your website, you may work with a designer to create unique graphics, colors, and branding elements, which can then be incorporated into your netASI site. A custom theme makes your website more representative of your region and unique member activities.

While the cost of the website is free, the cost of creating a custom theme for your website depends on which designer you work with. A custom theme can be created and implemented for around $500–$1000, depending upon the complexity of your design.

Is technical support available for my netASI website?

netAdventist provides a wide variety of resources for technical support and information. Many support questions are answered through online guides and videos posted at the netAdventist website. Just visit the netAdventist website and click  “Documentation” for access to all available training resources.

You can even download a software User Manual. Software user tips, resources, and news updates are given twice monthly through an online user e-newsletter. Independent support and training on how to set up and use netASI websites can also be purchased for a small monthly fee from:


Can I use my own domain name for my netASI website?

Your website initially will be assigned a simple url (e.g., You are free, however, to purchase a new domain name or assign your existing domain name to your netASI website.

Why should I sign up for a free netASI website?

Signing up for a netASI website allows you to join forces with other ASI members in creating a unique, interactive online lay ministry network. It maximizes your ability to share online information and resources, and to interact and support each other in your various lay ministry efforts. It’s a great way to “expand your marketplace” and share Christ with the world!

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