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Video and audio recordings of convention general sessions and seminars, beginning with the 2009 convention, are available to download or view here on our website—for free! 

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ASI publications include ASI Connections, a bimonthly e-newsletter designed to inform and connect ASI members and supporters around the world, and Inside ASI Magazine, a biannual 32-page magazine. Both contain news, inspirational stories and information of interest to ASI members, friends, and supporters.

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Thousands around the world have been trained to use the New Beginnings evangelism training program, developed by ASI in 2000 to help people do evangelism in their own homes, churches, and communities. This lay-training initiative has been successfully field tested, and has been adapted and translated for use around the globe.

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ASI Video Magazine is a 15-episode television program featuring ASI members in action. It tells the indepth stories of a wide variety of ASI member ministries and individuals. Check 3ABN and Hope Channel online schedules for viewing times.

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ASI is excited about our growing family. To introduce even more people to ASI, we’ve developed a series of 30-second video segments for television broadcast. Each one highlights a different aspect of ASI. View one of these videos below. All are available on the ASI YouTube channel.


News & Features

The Murfreesboro miracle


It all started when Janet Dennis, in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, read the February 2013 issue of 3ABN World magazine, where we first told people about an upcoming filing window for new radio station c...  More

Riverside Farm Institute

Riverside Farm Institute was founded in the 1970s and has operated for many years as a lifestyle center, school, medical clinic, and working farm. Riverside has provided care to some of Zambia...  More

The Spirit is Moving


During the last year popular news networks have been filled with tales of man's inhumanity to man, of political turmoil, social upheaval and people making dangerous journeys in search of a better l...  More