Membership Categories & Dues

ASI membership is available to any Seventh-day Adventist church member in good standing who operates a business, provides a professional service, has a product to sell, or operates a supporting ministry. Members of ASI wholeheartedly agree to order their lives and business according to the ASI objectives and principles as outlined in the ASI mission and vision statements. ASI membership is divided into the following categories:

Membership is available to any organization that meets the following requirements:
1.  Organization has at least two full time workers, which may include the owner or applicant
2.  Organization must have been in operation for at least o­ne year
3.  Organization is owned and controlled by a Seventh-day Adventist lay person
4.  Lay person, who owns and controls the organization, does not receive any salary from any Seventh-day Adventist denominational organization  

Non-profit organizational members must hold 501(c)(3) status from the IRS and submit a copy of their constitution and bylaws. ASI requires that the organization’s constitution and bylaws clearly show that the overall philosophy of the organization is in harmony with the Seventh-day Adventist Church. It must also be written that board members should be Adventist Church members in regular standing. And the dissolution clause should clearly state that the assets of the organization would go to another Adventist-controlled 501(c)(3) organization.    

Continued membership is contingent upon the current owner and/or CEO conducting the business in harmony with Seventh-day Adventist principles, and personally remaining in good and regular standing with the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Membership shall be in the name of the organization (organizational is the standard ASI membership). A person who has been a member of ASI for five (5) years or more and retires or sells the organization may continue to be a personal member of ASI.

Professional or Management membership is available to any Seventh-day Adventist person in an executive or managerial level of responsibility, other than a denominational employee, who does not qualify for any other membership and who shares in the goals and purposes of ASI.

Membership is available to any organization operating outside of the North American Division who has direct ties to a parent organization holding ASI membership, or who is living in an area and operating their business where there is no ASI organization.

*Associate members do not have voting privileges.


Organizational Member
Non-Profit Organization             $210

For-Profit Organization
2 - 9 employees                  $210
10-25 employees                 $265
26-40 employees                 $370
41 or more employees         $370 (plus $1.50 for each additional employee above 40)     

Associate Member  
Associate      $130

Associate Member (International)
Same as Organizational Members


Click below to make a dues payment and renew membership online. (Only current, already-approved members may make online membership dues payments. Prospective new members should submit credit card information or a check with their membership application. The first membership dues payment will not be processed until membership has been approved. Notice of approval will be sent via regular mail.)

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