SOH Prague Project Report

Posted on Dec 03 2014

ASI Project Report


Springs of Health Prague Mission and Church Center
Prague, Czech Republic

To meet our goal of making Springs of Health Prague Mission and Church Center a successful evangelism center, a manager was hired in 2013. She was a young Adventist lady, formerly employed by a major Czech development company (Passerinvest), who was drawn to mission work. Since then her abilities in management and marketing, as well her reliance upon the Lord, have resulted in a new public image for Springs of Health and a full range of activities at the Center.

Programs and activities
In the first six months of 2014 many lectures and seminars were organized. Health club meetings are very popular here. These include cooking classes and related lectures. Speakers have included Roman Uhrin, founder and coordinator of the numerous Czech & Slovak Republics’ health clubs, and Dr. Hana Kahleova, who explained why two meals a day are better than six--even for diabetics.

On Mondays and Wednesdays (during both daytime and evening hours) the Center’s main room is used for rehabilitation exercise sessions (six per week, with an average eight participants each). On Thursdays Bible classes are offered by our local pastor.
We have found monthly drawing lessons to be a good tool to bring us closer to people. Also each month a group of women gather for “Women’s Evenings.” Here women can share their lives and problems with each other. A Messianic Jewish church member leads these gatherings. Each month she uses a biblical woman’s story as an example for modern ladies and their challenges.

From time to time we organize a lecture or seminar on relationships. On a quarterly basis we offer a Health Expo. We also serve those who came for our Prayer Evening, which was advertised simply: “In case you have a problem, come and we will pray with you for it.” We believe it will continue to attract those who are searching for hope and peace.

Early in 2014 we welcomed a special guest from California’s Weimar Institute. On Sabbath, our main room (with a capacity of 45 seats) was filled with 90 people, some of whom overflowed into an adjoining room.

The most exciting activity, of course, is our Sabbath worship. Nowhere else in the Czech Republic does an Adventist church exist where only 3-4 members gather on Sabbath to host 15-25 non-church members. These friends are searching for help, fellowship, and God. Some are older ladies, while some are homeless, depressed, or socially inept. For some, we are the only family they have. Each Sabbath we have a health talk, study the Bible together (using topics from Sabbath school lessons), pray, and have a sermon. Afterward, attendees may borrow books from our library and partake of a free lunch. Springs of Health is registered as a church company under the Czech Conference, and a pastor who serves a three-church district, visits us once every three to four weeks. We praise the Lord that he is a very mission-minded man.

Spreading the blessings

Late in 2014 we established another mission church center in Northern Moravia. Plans for that location include lectures and seminars, as well as the operation of a small cafeteria. Eventually we hope that a local SDA church will gather there on Sabbaths to nurture guests the ministry brings in.

Early on in our ministry, our Facebook page reached 1,000 fans. By the end of 2014, we believe that number will have doubled or tripled. In the future we may start a Christian matching/partnership program. Also we are involved in publishing two books, recording a CD, and looking for new coworkers and volunteers. We continually search for ways our church group can help those most needful.
We pray for more Prague church members who will come to serve on regular basis in our evangelism center. We also pray for a prayer support team that will pray not only for us, but for all the people whose lives we are touching.

Prague, June 26, 2014

Robert Zizka, President

Bulletin Board