Decendants of Abraham

Posted on Oct 02 2014

One would think that the biblical account of the journey of Jonah into the belly of the great fish would be sufficient to learn the valuable lesson of never saying no to God. But there are souls like myself who think that we are not capable of doing what God has requested of us. I refer to myself quite often as “Jonah’s sister.”

PictureAs a former Muslim, God asked me to work with Him to bring my Muslim brothers and sisters out of “Egypt” and into His light. I listened to the other voices that were speaking to me in warnings:

“It is too dangerous, you will be killed, and you will be seen as a traitor to Islam.”
“You are a woman; they will not listen to you.”
“Muslims are hated, who will support your ministry? They will think you are an undercover terrorist in the church.”

And the warnings and suspicions kept coming. I, like Jonah ran. For three years I allowed the fear to carry me in the opposite direction from where my God wanted me to be. My longsuffering Lord removed my excuses, some in a very painful way, until I surrendered to His calling. Finally, the ministry to reach the Muslim community was born and the wonderful blessings began to flow forth. ASI believed it could be done and blessed us with funding that assisted us in producing television programs, radio programs, and refreshing our Web site, which is now populated with resources.

We are also thankful to 3ABN, which broadcasts the television programs worldwide. The feedback has been tremendous. It is amazing when we cast the net, to see how many different kinds of fish we catch.

We receive e-mails and letters from Muslims, and former Seventh-day Adventist women who have married Muslims and need help to leave these marriages. We have people from other faiths that are being drawn to the messages presented by Descendants of Abraham, messages that speak to all humanity, calling them back home to be reconciled to their Father, the God of Abraham.

One such e-mail that we just received is from an African country. There are several Bible workers and villages that are requesting DVD copies of the television programs to teach others what they have learned.

“I am a believer who has been watching your programmes on Christian channels and has liked them very much. I wanted to ask for more information on your ministry so that I can also be well furnished with it. I hope that when I am knowledgeable enough, I can in turn share this valuable info to my friends and neighbours, as well. Please consider my request for more information and that soon the Descendants of Abraham church will be established here.”

PictureThis group will be taking these messages to the Muslim people in their communities. The photograph shows committed Bible workers who are waiting for our material.

We knew that we needed to begin Bible studies with these precious souls and they were eager to learn. Resources and manpower in our ministry are limited, but praise the God of Abraham, Jesus Christ, He sent Brother Trust, who is originally from Zimbabwe, just when we needed him. Trust volunteers his precious time to correct the Bible study answer sheets and continues to communicate with the lay pastor of this group in Malawi by e-mail, phone, and soon Skype. God has provided as He always does, through the wonderful technology that we are using to take His word to the remotest parts of the world. When the lay pastor learned about the Seventh-day Sabbath, here is what he had to say:

“Really, in this module I have learnt that God rested on Sabbath day. He sanctified and blessed the day. I need to start keeping the day in his honour so that I receive abundant blessings from the Lord. I also learned that I just don’t have to observe the day (as others do) but rather I have to submit to God (do what God wants) for me to begin receiving blessings from above. I will encourage all my followers to keep the Sabbath day because God Himself rested and blessed the day.”

We have also sent Bibles and study materials to Muslims who have requested them. One of the most heartfelt responses we received was from a Muslim young man (we cannot share his name or country) who opened the Holy Bible for the first time in his life. I will share a precious paragraph from his letter:

“Starting with Genesis, I have found the history of the universe and fall of man from heavens. Here I have found Adam and Eve, Noah’s ark, Abraham and Isaac, and other prophets, the magnificent creation of the universe in six days, Abel and Cain, etc.

“I have also started the Gospel of Matthew, and I have found another great experience, the life of Jesus Christ, His miracles, His parables, His sermons, and teachings. It also describes the culture, society, rituals, norms, family life of the people living at that period. However, the last pages are very painful when the Jews give very illegal, immoral,and unjust punishment and humiliation to Jesus Christ”

Just this week (October 3, 2014) I received a letter from this young man that his father passed away suddenly, which devastated him. We stay in touch with him and continue to encourage him in his walk with the Lord Jesus. By the grace of God, he will have a church or small group in his community that he can fellowship with, but at this time we do not know of any in his area.

I would like to encourage all Christians to listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit and do let allow anyone to distract you from the mission He is calling you to. Yes, even a woman can be used to minister to the Muslim people. Not by might nor by power, but by My Spirit, says the LORD of hosts (Zechariah 4:6).

The Descendants of Abraham ministry requests your prayers for the Muslim people to accept the true God of Abraham. Learn more about the ministry at

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