My Bible First Project Report

Posted on Oct 16 2014

ASI Project Report

Inspiration tells us that in teaching the Bible, “the use of object lessons, blackboards, maps, and pictures, will be an aid in explaining these lessons, and fixing them in the memory. Parents and teachers should constantly seek for improved methods” (Education, p. 186).

KidsThis instruction has guided the production of materials at My Bible First Ministry (MBF). With easy access to colorful Bible material, maps, and pictures, God has made it easy to follow His instruction here in North America. However, in many other places of the world, Sabbath school leaders, teachers, and parents have little or no access to such resources. One of the church’s greatest mission needs is for clear and beautifully illustrated Bible lessons and teaching materials for children.

From around the world, My Bible First receives requests to make their lessons, with their full-color pictures, maps, and object lessons, available in other languages. Thanks in part to grants from ASI and other sources, MBF has been actively supporting the translation of Bible lessons for children around the world. 

Enjoying the Story

Some of these projects have been completed and are blessing many Sabbath schools and families. MBF lessons have been translated into French, Chinese, and Spanish; in different stages of translation are the languages of Nepali, Vietnamese, Cambodian, Hungarian, Polish, and Korean. The materials produced are beautiful and adapted to the culture.

My Bible First Ministry has found it valuable to team up with ASI members whenever possible. ASI organizations such as Adventist Southeast Asia Projects have helped to provide culturally sensitive translations of the Bible lessons. ASI contacts have proved invaluable for obtaining local contacts in foreign countries. ASI organizations have assisted in the printing and distribution of these daily Bible-study lessons. Without this type of network, these translation projects would have been much more difficult.

One major multi-year project has been producing children’s material in Mandarin Chinese. This undertaking has now been completed and My Bible First Bible lessons are now available in China! The obstacles remain great, but we have partnered with Amazing Facts for printing and distribution of these lessons in China.

Chenda and StudentsThough children’s Bible lessons are being made available to other countries, another pressing need is for parents and teachers to be trained to effectively use these resources. My Bible First has sponsored a number of Sabbath School workshops in China and Asia to train church members in the art of evangelism through the Sabbath School. There has been an excellent response and good interest in these workshops. We see that the harvest is great but the laborers are few, for such instruction is needed worldwide.

Satan is flooding the world with his versions of attractive children’s literature. He knows the importance of reaching the youngest with his deceptive philosophies. But God is providing means to reach the very youngest with His truth—and He is using ASI and ASI organizations to do it.

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