Project Report: Out of Weakness - Strength!

Posted on Nov 12 2014

ASI Project Report

It has been an ASI story from the beginning-–a story of God’s grace, God’s leading, God’s miracle working power! Around the year 2000, the ASI Southern Union Chapter promoted the concept of low power radio at its convention in Cohutta Springs, Georgia. Under that inspiration, WJNU-LP (With Jesus N’ You), 96.9 FM, was born in Algood, Tennessee.
While the station was a blessing, the weakness of the signal strength was a bit disheartening. Oh, if only we could have a strong, reliable signal to take the Good News of God’s love and Jesus’ soon return to the searching people of our rural Tennessee communities! But out of weakness, God brought strength. This low power station became a springboard to launch us deeper into our faith journey.
An opportunity came to apply for a license for a full power station located near Livingston, Tennessee. What important lessons in faith God began to teach us! Our application was denied by the FCC, and our board voted to cut our losses and kill the project. But God rebuked our lack of faith, brought us through a reversal of the board vote, moved us through a series of legal maneuvers, and finally allowed the FCC to grant us a license to construct a 6000-watt FM station.
Radio TowerFCC approval was granted on September 1, 2011, with the stipulation that our station must be on the air by September 1, 2014. Thus began another lap in the journey of faith. With very little cash on hand to proceed with an $80-90,000 project or with extremely difficult negotiations for a tower site, God made dry paths through the sea for us again and again.
By God’s grace and miracle working power alone, a new, full power FM station was born on September 1, 2014. With the generous support (a $25,000 grant) and encouragement of the Southern Union ASI, we, His feeble human instruments, currently broadcast the truth of God’s Word 24/7 to the Cumberland Plateau in upper East Tennessee!
So if you happen to be travelling on I-40 or State Highway 111 in the neighborhood of Cookeville, Tennessee, turn your radio dial to 89.1 FM and enjoy the strong, clear voice of truth from WOCG-– Worshipping Our Creator God! And while you’re listening, send up one more praise to Him for the miracle of His grace!
Better yet, stop in and see us. We’d love to fill you in on all the glorious details of God’s miracles for His people here in Tennessee. Because in the telling, our faith and love for our Creator God – the One Who will come soon in glory--is kindled and rekindled again! Maranatha!

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