On the Wings of Eagles

Posted on Nov 27 2014

By Paul Opp

As Sandi and I rode our motorcycle along the Snake River, we came across two Bald Eagles that had an in-air territorial dispute. This is common and usually it is food, nesting areas or competition for a mate that causes this conflict.

These two male Eagles had sunk their talons deep into each other’s flesh.....Dominance and control were more important than living so, they fell out of the sky instead of losing their fight, and simply letting go.

We found them exhausted and bloody from the continued pecking that they did after hitting the ditch bank. Even after plummeting to the ground, the conflict continued, making them completely vulnerable to predators that would ordinarily have no opportunity to cause them harm.

They had been locked in a ball of feathers for quite some time, as evidenced by their willingness to drink water from Sandi’s bottle, while I tried to pry their talons out of each other’s flesh.

There is no possible way to overpower the strength of an eagle talon with my bare hands, but the second time I lifted one of the wings to get a better view they exploded, flapped their wings and tumbled with considerable aggression toward me. It was during that brief moment, they forgot about the conflict with their own species, let go and fled the real enemy to regain their freedom.

What an exhilarating feeling to watch those mighty birds, leave the dirt and soar the skies with all the grander, power and grace that caused them to become the symbol of our nation.

Do you know anyone who is so caught up in conflict that they are no longer soaring like an eagle? Have you ever given up your freedom because you are holding on tight in an attempt to control or dominate?

Isaiah 40:31 reminds us that as we “wait upon the Lord” by doing things His way, we will find our strength renewed and not be faint nor weary as we soar the heavens on wings…. like eagles.

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