An Unexpected Miracle

Posted on Jan 05 2015

An Unexpected Miracle

When he was 12, Robert Kuczek [ku-check] and his family became Seventh-day Adventists in Poland, a country that, at that time, was both Catholic and communist. This wouldn’t have been a huge problem, except there was a law requiring students to attend classes six days a week, Monday through Saturday.

As an Adventist, Robert knew that he couldn’t go against his convictions and attend school on Sabbath. Therefore, he went to a school leader and asked permission to be excused from attending school on Sabbath. The man was actually quite open to the idea; he wouldn’t mind so long as Robert continued to learn his Saturday’s lessons.

Among Robert’s teachers was a curious math instructor. “Why won’t you come to school on Saturday? Can’t your pastor just excuse you from that practice?” she asked.

She knew that the Catholic church could excuse a person from obeying certain rules so long as there was a good reason for doing so. She was certain Robert’s pastor could do the same for him. Robert explained to her that this wasn’t a restriction the pastor had made, but a law given by God Himself.

She continued to occasionally ask more questions, but Robert had the feeling that she didn’t treat him the same way as she did the other students. As hard as he tried, he never got a perfect grade. Yet his seat mate, who always copied Robert’s answers during math tests, seemed to get very good grades.

Sometime during the school year the math teacher needed to be away for about a month. A new teacher substituted in her place. With a very determined spirit, Robert decided that he would prove himself during that time. Whenever that teacher would ask a question, Robert would raise his hand. As he participated in the class, giving excellent answers, and as he turned in well-done math papers, the teacher made notations in the grade book, recording eleven instances of level five work (equivalent to an A). The rest of the class received only about four or five notations.

When the regular math teacher returned, she saw that Robert had eleven excellent scores. She actually accused Robert of putting those notes in the school book himself, which created some tension. However, time passed and Robert didn’t see the math teach again after that 1982-83 school year.

In 2013 Robert, with his wife and children, spent a weekend at his parent’s seasonal cottage in the town where he had gone to school. The Kuzceks initially planned to leave on Sunday, but Robert suffered a serious injury and was in so much pain that they decided to stay an extra day.

On Monday, while Robert was away from the house for a few minutes, the phone rang.

“Don’t answer it! Grandma and grandpa aren’t home!” Robert’s wife called.

But it was too late. Their older daughter answered. The caller asked to talk to her grandparents.

“I’m sorry, they aren’t here,” she responded.

“Is your father there?”

“No, I’m sorry he’s not here either.”

“How about your mother?”

Mrs. Kuzcek spoke with the lady, who introduced herself as Robert’s former math teacher.

“Would it be possible to meet with Robert?” she requested.

Robert’s wife took down all her information, said he would be returning in just a few minutes, and promised that he would give her a call back. Of course when Robert got back and heard who had called, he wondered what his former math teacher could want!

Robert called her back and at her request, went to her nearby home.

“The reason why I wanted you to come,” she began, “Is because I want to tell you a little bit of my story.”

She related memories of conversations she had had with Robert. She even mentioned how she remembered her husband working with Robert’s mother, and how he and the other staff had treated her differently because of her beliefs.

So much had happened in the following years, including the death of her husband. About the time she began to read the Bible, a fellow teacher gave her a copy of The Great Controversy, printed by an ASI member organization in Poland, Springs of Life. The math teacher’s friend wasn't an Adventist, but somehow had gotten a copy of the book.

During her study times, Robert’s former teacher would read The Great Controversy. Her mind went back to the days when one of her students firmly chose to keep the seventh day holy. She continued studying more topics she and Robert had discussed, and came to realize that all he had said was biblical! When her teacher friend offered her a copy of The Desire of Ages, she eagerly read that also.

“Now, I’m regularly reading my Bible everyday.” she confessed to Robert. “The reason why I called you was because I wanted to ask you to give me Bible studies.

Robert was shocked.

Baptism“I tried to call your parents so many times,” she said, “but I felt so ashamed because of how we treated you and your mother. Eventually, I couldn’t ignore the conviction to call because I knew if I waited too long, it would be too late.”

Robert explained to her how perfect the timing was, and explained, “I don’t live in the area anymore, and it would be impossible for me to give you Bible studies, but I have a friend who lives here who would be happy to study with you.”

She agreed. Almost immediately Tomek came to visit her, opening the Bible and explaining precious biblical truths.

About 6 months later, Robert was again in the area and visited his parents’ church. There was his math teacher! When she saw him, she immediately went to him and welcomed him with a big hug.

“Since your last visit, Tomek invited me to visit the church. I haven’t missed one Sabbath!” she exclaimed.

Robert was so elated to hear this. Three months later, he visited again. She greeted him very warmly, informing him that she had chosen to be baptized.

“Will you please come?” she pleaded. Of course he would go. She was baptized in June, 2014.

At her baptism she said, “The amazing thing is that I got The Great Controversy and The Desire of Ages from someone who isn’t even Adventist. But because of her and what I remember from years ago, I am an Adventist now.”

To Robert she said, “Now you are my brother.”

In his school days, Robert didn’t think that his faithfulness in math class would have such an impact. But God blessed his dedication, and used it to bring another person to the truth.

As told by Robert Kuczek to Laura Wehr

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