A Surprising Interview

Posted on May 06 2015

Just recently I was asked to be interviewed about my business and particularly my online and DVD vegan cooking school. I was excited because I could really use the exposure. Before the interview the contact person said they noticed I was a Christian by the information in my bio on my website and wondered if I could avoid talking about God and proselytizing during the interview. I told her I was a Christian and that was who I was not what I did. I would not bring up God to just get my views across but that I would NOT avoid speaking about God if the topic came up. She was very satisfied with my answer and we continued with doing the interview.
Angela PochI may not have talked all about my religion during the interview, but that interviewer was very impressed with my relationship with God. I do not avoid speaking from my heart and I write how God leads in my newsletters, articles, and books. That is not to say I talk about religion or even mention God all the time. In fact, I've not had very many Bible studies requests from my clients and customers. So how is that witnessing? People see I am comfortable with God and He is part of my life like a great and wonderful friend. The interviewer was very impressed with my answer in how much God was apart of my life and thus my business. She said no one would be offended by that. She was just avoiding interview people who might be offensive to a multitude of different ethnicity and religions by trying to 'get a point' across. Do you mention a topic out of context just to talk about it - Sabbath, God, Last day events? People see that as offensive and it rarely wins souls. BUT if during a conversation about a particular topic a good friend was involved in your decision process and you talk about how they influenced that decision, it is natural and beautiful. This is still a work in progress for me, but every day He is more and more involved. Every day in my business Christ is involved more and more in product development decisions, marketing methods, general conversation, and my life. I hope your best friend is Jesus and He is so involved in your business you have opportunity to talk about Him in every conversation."

Angela Poch, NC. Director

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