A Pattern Health Retreat

Posted on Feb 08 2017

A Pattern, Inc., with headquarters in east central Missouri about an hour south of St. Louis, is actively using the venue of health to impact not only Missouri, but surrounding states as well, with a message of compassion and wellness. Our health and medical staff is headed by a physician, Dr. A. Scott Grivas, who is not only certified in internal medicine, but has had twenty-eight years of integrating alternative and conventional medicine. We have utilized the medical arm to reach out to the small towns and cities and established consultation rooms and clinics in four different areas in which we have taught a lifestyle approach emphasizing individual responsibility in the pursuit of wellness. In these centers of health, we have spiritual and health literature available for reading or taking, and discuss the spiritual aspect of wellness with our patients.

An exciting development in late 2015 was our discovery and purchase of property suitable for a small lifestyle center in Bourbon, Missouri. With some staff housing, outbuildings for equipment, and a lodge already built, we were pleased to begin serving lifestyle guests seeking better health by providing a residential center where health education in all its varied aspects is shared. We have had very satisfied guests, whose testimonies thrill us with the assurance we are where we should be.

One of the rewarding aspects of our health outreach into the communities of Missouri is its variety. We enjoy working as a right arm to open doors into the hearts of those the church is seeking to introduce to their amazing life potential. A Pattern has held Health Weekends in churches since its inception in 2012. These weekends have been conceived as an evangelistic outreach for the church. They have been effective tools for churches by which new members are instructed in healthful living, and have provided a venue for inviting others to experience Christian concern.

Another way we have partnered with one of our local congregations, Jefferson City, was to instruct and work alongside its members in the production of three Health Expos. The Expo is an excellent way to introduce both novices and knowledgeable individuals to the exciting dimensions of the human body. Many interested individuals stayed around to talk and explore the information shared. These expos exercise the spiritual arm as well, and Bible studies have resulted.

In willing response to our mission, we have also worked in a prison ministry in Boonville, using the Revelation Seminars as the vehicle. Five individuals stayed with the studies for almost two years, and were baptized. Several of these have since then been released, and have assured us that they will seek out the Seventh-day Adventist Church nearest them to continue their instruction in spiritual growth.

An unusual modification of our community outreach was an invitation to participate in the Disaster Preparedness Exercise in Kansas City, MO during 2016. This had 700 participants from local churches of various denominations, other interested parties, governmental agencies, and the majority of our staff. Earthquakes that may occur in the New Madrid Seismic Zone, potentially threaten parts of seven American states, including Missouri. We participated in this training to fulfill our mission to minister wherever needs exist.

The staff of A Pattern has a vision of world-wide service radiating out from its work in Missouri. In order to fulfill the mission Christ gave in Matthew 28:19, 20 to “Go…teach all nations…to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you…”, A Pattern seeks to help churches overseas as well as in North America in reaching out to their neighbors the arm of health. Different members of our staff have gone to Haiti, Czech Republic, and Bulgaria in answer to requests for help.

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