• The Murfreesboro miracle

    Posted on Jan 26 2017

    It all started when Janet Dennis, in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, read the February 2013 issue of 3ABN World magazine, where we first told people about an upcoming filing window for new radio station c...
  • Riverside Farm Institute

    Posted on Jan 19 2017

    Riverside Farm Institute was founded in the 1970s and has operated for many years as a lifestyle center, school, medical clinic, and working farm. Riverside has provided care to some of Zambia...
  • The Spirit is Moving

    Posted on Jan 12 2017

    During the last year popular news networks have been filled with tales of man's inhumanity to man, of political turmoil, social upheaval and people making dangerous journeys in search of a better l...
  • A Tranformed Couple

    Posted on Jan 05 2017

    I counseled a married couple with one of the most damaged marriages in human history. They’d experienced infidelity and domestic violence leading to a restraining order and retaliatory divo...
  • One Day Church

    Posted on Dec 01 2015

    The day was hot, like it is before the rains come. The coming of rain is the coming of promise. The earth is revived with the coming of the rain in November, the trees get their leaves, the grass ...
  • Return to life – Monica’s story

    Posted on Oct 29 2015

    When Monica arrived at Kibidula’s Wellness center we learned that she had been suffering with diabetes type 2 for 16 years.Monica had been a successful woman as a business person and then she...
  • Graduation TGM 9 and Farewell

    Posted on Oct 28 2015

    God has big plans for each one of our students and we could already see the providential guiding when they were in TGM. After their training, almost all of them were guided to specific locations ar...
  • Vop_small
    The Voice of Prophecy ministry officially opened the doors at our new home in Loveland, Colorado, on April 9, following 86 years in California. This new location felt like a bit of a homecoming, si...
  • Your Best Pathway to Health

    Posted on Apr 20 2015

    3-day Mega Clinic Surpasses Goal, Giving Away Over $20 Million in Health Care Services to 6,192 San Antonio Residents. April 14, 2015 (San Antonio, TX) – More than 1,700 healthcare profession...
  • Thunder-dvd_small
    Questline Productions’ ASI Grant Use Report $225 Discount to ASI Members!QuestLine Productions (QLP), producer of the new video Bible study series, Thunder in the Holy Land, was ...
  • An Unexpected Miracle

    Posted on Jan 05 2015

    An Unexpected Miracle When he was 12, Robert Kuczek [ku-check] and his family became Seventh-day Adventists in Poland, a country that, at that time, was both Catholic and communist. This wouldn&rsq...
  • Tentmakers Target the Zero List

    Posted on Dec 31 2014

    Tentmakers Target the Zero ListSpecial Report: Adventist Frontier Missions (AFM) Jesus wept over Jerusalem, but what about Mecca? And how might He feel about Pyongyang, North Korea and the other 3...
  • Childless Preacher

    Posted on Dec 23 2014

    Childless Couple Lifted Up While Lifting Up ChristRenascent Education Ministries Int’l, Nigeria, West Africaby Mary’s husband It is Sabbath morning! However, Mary cannot find any joy a...
  • PPI Project Report 2014

    Posted on Dec 10 2014

    Peru Project Inc. Much happened in 2014. In January we held a six-week training intensive for young adults (ages 18 to 35) from the jungle. Pastor Rosendo and a variety of other pastors an...
  • SOH Prague Project Report

    Posted on Dec 03 2014

    FIRST HALF OF 2014 Springs of Health Prague Mission and Church CenterPrague, Czech Republic To meet our goal of making Springs of Health Prague Mission and Church Center a successful evang...
  • Online1_small
    Good News Advocates (GNA) By Ed Wagner I am amazed by how rapidly our methods of communicating are changing—especially in the internet marketplace. Twenty-five years ago few of us were a...
  • On the Wings of Eagles

    Posted on Nov 27 2014

    By Paul Opp As Sandi and I rode our motorcycle along the Snake River, we came across two Bald Eagles that had an in-air territorial dispute. This is common and usually it is food, nesting areas or ...
  • Rising Above

    Posted on Nov 20 2014

    A Report from OCI/ASI Ministries in Ukraine, by Naomi Jackson Adversity brings out the best and worst in people. Since November 2013, a crisis has been brewing in Eastern Europe. Ukraine in particu...
  • Radio-tower_small
    It has been an ASI story from the beginning-–a story of God’s grace, God’s leading, God’s miracle working power! Around the year 2000, the ASI Southern Union Chapte...
  • A Bottle of Water

    Posted on Nov 10 2014

    On a cold Spring Sunday morning on March 23rd 2014,  a group of medical professionals huddled together, at the John F. Kennedy airport, all wearing their Bethesda Medical Mission shirts. The g...
  • Mafgia Ministries

    Posted on Oct 20 2014

    My husband and I were involved in the Mafgia ministry before ever meeting the founder, Antionette Duck. Becoming involved was an answer to prayer that had not yet been whispered. Truly, the Lord di...
  • My Bible First Project Report

    Posted on Oct 16 2014

    Inspiration tells us that in teaching the Bible, “the use of object lessons, blackboards, maps, and pictures, will be an aid in explaining these lessons, and fixing them in the memor...
  • Piece of Cake

    Posted on Oct 13 2014

    As I contemplated this task of my job description, I felt very confident. After all I had taught French at the university in England and to professional adults in Germany, so teaching Tanzanian hig...
  • Decendants of Abraham

    Posted on Oct 02 2014

    One would think that the biblical account of the journey of Jonah into the belly of the great fish would be sufficient to learn the valuable lesson of never saying no to God. But there are souls li...
  • Love the Stranger as Yourself

    Posted on Sept 29 2014

    Jesus once fled as a refugee from a cruel government with His parents, Joseph and Mary. He understands the hearts of refugees who have fled repressive regimes to find safety in the United States an...
  • From Hell to Hope

    Posted on Sept 22 2014

    Michael Rae hasn’t lived this life knowing “normal.” Nothing made sense until he was on his knees and accepting Jesus while in a 6’ by 9’ prison cell after watching a ...

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